• Lochmere Country Club
    Lochmere Country Club
    Host of the 2015 Fall Classic
  • Wentworth by the Sea
    Wentworth by the Sea
    Host of the 2015 Spring Fling
  • Cochecho Country Club
    Cochecho Country Club
    Host of the 2015 NHWGA Championship
  • The Oaks
    The Oaks
    Host of the 2015 Tri-State
  • Campbell's Scottish Highlands
    Campbell's Scottish Highlands
    Host of 2015 Stephanie Thomas Memorial Cup
  • Amherst Country Club
    Amherst Country Club
    Host to the 2015 Senior & Legend Championship


The R&A and the United States Golf Association today announced the publicat … (read more…)

Joanne Flynn, 2015 NHGA Champions Dinner

Congratulations to Joanne Flynn, Windham Count … (read more…)

The Fall Classic hosted by Lochmere Country Club was held on September 29. … (read more…)

  • Lochmere - Host of the Fall Classic
  • Amherst - Site of Senior / Legend Championship
  • The Oaks - Host of Tri-State
  • Wentworth by the Sea - Host of the Spring Fling
  • Cochecho - Site of the NHWGA Championship
  • Campbell's - Host of the 2015 Stephanie Thomas Cup