Membership Information

Renewal Member Eligibility

One must have a current GHIN handicap index issued by an NHWGA member club.

New Member Eligibility

To be eligible for membership in the association, one must be female, as stipulated in the USGA gender policy, and have a current GHIN handicap index of 25.0 or less issued by an NHWGA member club.

Open Renewal
Open New Member
Membership Types with *Playing Privileges

*Playing privilege: To be eligible to compete in an NHWGA tournament a member must have a current GHIN handicap index with an NHWGA member club and the index must be based on at least five 18-hole scores played between January 1 of the previous year and the tournament date.

Associate Membership Types without Playing Privileges

Associate Members are former members who are no longer participating in our golf events, but wish to continue their association with NHWGA.

  • Lifetime Honorary: A former board member who served eight or more years, or an NHWGA member for 30 or more years that wishes to continue her association with the NHWGA.
  • Supporting: A former member who wishes to continue to support the NHWGA.

These members receive all mailings from the association, and may attend both the spring and annual meetings; they are not eligible to play in any NHWGA events.

Memberships Fees

New Member Renewal Member Playing
Regular $30.00 $30.00 or $40.00 if renewal application received after Nov. 15, 2016. Yes
Junior $0.00 $0.00 Yes
Active Duty Military $0.00 $0.00 Yes
Honorary NA $0.00 Yes
Lifetime Honorary NA $0.00 No
Supporting NA $20.00 No

Membership applications for the current season will be accepted through the day of the final tournament. Membership applications received after that date will be processed for the following year at that year’s membership rate. Our membership year runs from November 1 through October 31. If your membership lapses for one year or longer, you will be required to requalify as a new member.

Any NHWGA member agrees to hold the NHWGA, and it’s agents and servants, harmless and free from all claims, demands and liabilities arising out of any loss or damage suffered by said member in connection with any tournament entered.