How to Volunteer

The New Hampshire Women’s Golf Association is a membership-based, nonprofit organization that represents, promotes and serves the best interest of golf in New Hampshire. The NHWGA Volunteer Program is designed to assist the NHWGA in providing the highest level of service to golfers and golf clubs all across New Hampshire. These enthusiasts donate their time and experience to the Association for the love of golf and the promotion and preservation of the true spirit of the game. The interaction between the staff and the volunteers is a key ingredient in successfully implementing and administrating the many functions of the Association.

Helping Points

NHWGA members can earn participation points (one point for each Tuesday tournament and Mixed event participated in) and helping points (one point for volunteering at certain NHWGA events if you are not playing in that event). The total number of participation points combined with the total number of helping points then determine selection into specialty tournaments.

At the April 2012 NHWGA Board of Directors meeting, a new helping point policy was approved.The new policy is as follows:

The NHWGA will allow a maximum of 3 helping points annually. (A maximum of 2 helping points will be given for help directly benefitting the NHWGA. A maximum of one helping point will be given for anyone volunteering at any sanctioned USGA, LPGA, or PGA event held in New Hampshire.)

If you are an NHWGA member, have volunteered at a sanctioned USGA, LPGA, or PGA event held in New Hampshire, and wish to receive an NHWGA helping point for doing so, download and complete this form: Volunteer Request for Points

NOTE: This information must be submitted to the NHWGA within two weeks after the ending date of the tournament in order to receive your helping point. Only one helping point will be awarded per year for non-NHWGA events.

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