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New Hampshire Women’s Golf Association

PO Box. 1566
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Phone: (603) 356-9051

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We are always in need of volunteers. We need club representatives, event volunteers, rules officials, committee and board members. If you are interested in learning how you can help please get in touch.

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Common  Questions

Can I get to the tournament management (TM) system directly?

Yes. To get direct access to NHWGA Tournament Management (TM) system you can save the link or bookmark the page on any and all devices. To do this, access TM through our website from the calendar or the event page, or click on this URL: Then just save the URL or bookmark the page on your device as you would any web page.

I play golf, but don’t know all the rules. Is this a problem?

NHWGA offers Rules Clinics for new members at the beginning of the golf season. Our members are very welcoming to new members and will help you on the course. Also, we will provide you with the Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf and there is a digital version that you can download. Our Rules Chair will also help answer any questions you may have. Email our Rules Chair at:

Pending registration for tournament _X_. What does that mean?

It means we have received your registration for that tournament. It does NOT mean you are in that tournament.

How can I temporarily suspend my membership?

You may request an exemption for the current season by notifying the NHWGA secretary. Send the request either by mail or by email to:

Tournament schedule it says A/B and then gives a choice of 2 courses. What does that mean?

The tournaments with an A/B means that tournament is open to anyone regardless of your handicap. If it has a choice of 2 courses, pick the one you’d like to play at and register.

When the tournament schedule says A/B, do I have to sign up with a partner?

No. This designation means regardless of your handicap you are eligible to participate in the tournament. Register as you normally do.

I registered for a tournament and was on a pending list, but then I received notice that I am on a waiting list. I thought I registered in plenty of time. What happened?

When a tournament has more participants than a course can take, a lottery system will be use. This determines who gets in and who is on the waiting list.
See the Membership Handbook under “Oversubscription” for further

How do I update my membership information?

If you wish to update your membership information, you need to log in to our members site and select the “Profile” option. You may change your home or winter addresses, phone numbers or credit card information. If you change your email address you will receive a notice to reactivate your logon to the membership site.

Please note: If you need to change your email address, your club association, or primary phone number, you will also have to update this information in the Tournament Management System (TM). Again you will need to log in to the TM system and update your profile there by selecting “profile” found under the setting option on the menu bar.