Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the NHWGA tournament schedule?

The NHWGA Tournament schedule, Junior and Member Club events can all be found on our EVENT calendar. You can navigate to the event calendar from the main page either by selecting “EVENTS” under the first photo on the page, or by selecting “Event Calendar” under the “Tournaments” menu item.
How can I see a list of the tournament events?

You can select how you want to see the events: by month, by the week or in a list called the “agenda” format. The default view is “month”. You can change the view by selecting one of the tabs found above the calendar on the right side.
How can I view the details of the event?

You can view the events from any calendar view. Clicking on the event or tournament name displays the details.
How can I register for an event?

There are two methods for registering for an event: 1) online or 2) by downloading an entry form from our website.

1. Online Registration: If the tournament has been set up for online registration you can navigate to the registration page either by:

  • selecting the menu item “Online Registration,” a found under Tournaments menu; or
  • selecting the “Online Registration” option from the calendar entry.

In both cases, a new window will open displaying the registration page.


To register for any event with a status “Open,” you must first log on. If this is the first time you have used the register online function you will need to register. Under New User click on the option “Click here to register” and enter the following:
User Name: your GHIN#
Password: your Last Name
If you are an existing user, sign in by entering your GHIN# as your user name, and your last name as your password. Select the event. An option to register for the event is listed at the top of the page. Select this option and follow the directions. Alternatively, select the option to “register for event” and then select the event.

2. Entry Form: The entry forms for all our events can be found either by selecting the menu option “Event Registration Forms” under the “Tournament” menu or by navigating to the event on the calendar.

To view it on the calendar: scroll down to the bottom of the event description and select the “download” option. The form can be completed online and printed. Then you must mail the entry form with the entry fee to the tournament chair. All entries must be received by the entry close date. Entries received after that date are considered a “Late entry.”

I am trying to register for an event. However the checkbox next to the event is not available. Why not?

In most cases this means you are not eligible to register for that specific event. For example, your index is 22.5 and you are trying to register for an “A” division event, where the “A” division event criteria is an index less than 22.0. In some cases,the “Register Selected Events” option is also not displayed. This may occur, if you do not qualify for any of the open events listed. If you believe you are eligible, please contact us using the contact form which is found under Contact/Contact Us menu item.
Is it possible for me to view only NHWGA Events?

Yes, you have the option to view which category of events to view. At the top of the calendar select the “down” triangle to expose the various calendars. Check the box for the category of events you wish to view, and uncheck those you want to hide.
Is it possible for me to print the calendar or the event description?

Select the Print icon located next to the Week, Month and Agenda Tabs. There are a number of options for printing the calendar or the event details, depending on which view you select.
Month View: You may enter the date range, or select the current month, the next 3 or 6 months. This view does not show the details of the events.
Agenda View: You may enter the date range, or select the option to print today’s events, or the events for the next 7 or 10 days. The default is to list the title, the event date, and the location of the event. Optionally you can select to have the entire description printed.
Week View: You may enter the date range, or select the option to print today’s events, the next 2 weeks or 4 weeks. The details listed are abbreviated.
Can I add an event or the calendar to my calendar?

If you have a Google Calendar you may copy an event to your calendar or you can subscribe to our calendar in your Google calendar settings.

Add Single Event: At the bottom of the event description is the phrase “copy to my calendar” Select this option to add the event to your calendar. Note: when you copy the event to your calendar you may see the html and mark up code for links to email addresses, or forms and registration.

Add Calendar: At the bottom of the calendar is an icon with the title “+google calendar” Select this option. You will be given the option to select four (4) calendars: Golf Events, Junior Events, Member Club Events, and NHGA Events. “Golf Events” is the NHWGA tournaments and events. Add the calendars you wish to place on your personal calendar. They will show under the “other calendars” list found to the left of your calendar. Initially the square by the name is blank. Click on the square. This will make it visible on your calendar. You can change the name and the display color by selecting the drop down triangle. To change the name of the calendar select the option “Calendar Settings, and rename the calendar, for example to “NHWGA Events.”

After you have added the calendar or calendars, if there is a change, you will see it immediately on your calendar and you can navigate to online registration and or download the application form right from your calendar.

I signed up for an event. How can I see the tee times?

We’ve added a new page call Tee Times and Results. You can navigate to this page by selecting the “TEE TIMES and RESULTS” label under the second photo on the home page, or by going to the Tournament menu item and selecting the sub-menu “Tee Times and Results”.

The listing is in reverse order: newer events are listed first.
Tee Times: When an event is opened for registration the date of the event, name and posting date is listed. When tee times have been assigned a link to the tee times will be displayed.
Results: At the conclusion of the event, the winners will be posted (PDF); and a link to the scores will be posted.


Can I see tee times listed by name?

In TPP you have the option of viewing tee times in tee time order and alphabetically by name. First link to the TPP Tee Times page, by selecting the event’s “Tee Times” link from Tee Times and Results page. Look for the menu item “Pairings” – top left hand side of the window display and select an option.
I wish to see both net and gross scores. Is this possible?

In TPP you have the option of viewing net and gross score, both by score and by name. The default is gross scores, by scores. To view other displays, first link to the TPP scoring page, by selecting the event’s “Scores” link from Tee Times and Results page. Look for the menu item “Scores” – top left hand side of the window display – and select an option.
How can I view participation points?

You can view prior year(s) and current year-to-date participation points by navigating to the Participation Points page. The menu “Participation Points” is located under “Tournaments” menu. Once on the page you can view participation points by scrolling, by searching for a name or name(s), by searching by club, or by sorting the list: by first name, or last name, or club, or by points.how_to_view_participation_points

How do you make the font size of a document larger?

If the document is opened in Adobe or in another PDF viewer you usually have three ways to enlarge the fonts. First, there may be plus or minus sign in a circle or magnifying glass icon. It may be at the top along the menu bar or at the bottom of the display window. Selecting the “+” will increase the font size, selecting the “-” will decrease the font size. Continue to select until you can read the document comfortably. Another option is to change the display percentage. Usually found on the menu/status bar is a XX.X% listing. This is a drop down box. By selecting the upside down arrow you can increase or decrease the percentage. Finally, you may have the option to “fit to window width.” This is an icon showing a double sided arrow. Selecting this will display the document in full screen mode with the option to scroll up and down.
Tools to Increase Font Size
Website Access
What is the reason for “I am not a robot”

Recaptcha i am not a robot The “I am not a robot” is known as a “CAPTCHA ReCAPTCHA”. It is a methodology that verifies that it is a human submitting an email or accessing website and not a robot. The link below explains the method we have used in the past and the newest technology that we have elected to implement for our online forms – such as “Contact Us”. A significant number of users will be able to securely and easily verify they’re human without actually having to solve a CAPTCHA. Instead, with just a single click, they’ll confirm they are not a robot. Check the link below to learn more about this technology.
Are you a robot? Introducing no captcha.
When I select the Event Calendar in Internet Explore the calendar is displayed, but the events are not listed. Why?

Internet Explorer’s settings may be preventing your NHWGA calendar from showing the events. To show them again, you need to clean up your browsing history. Follow these steps:

Click on the “Settings” gear – top rightmost side of your browser page
Choose “Safety”
Choose “Delete browsing history”clear_history

Check “Delete Cookies and Website data” and be sure the top checkbox, “Preserve Favorites website data,” is un-checked. Review the other choices, then press the “Delete.”
Remember to refresh your page.

I have trouble viewing the website when I use IE or MAC/Safari.

The best sites for accessing the NHWGA website and the event calendar are Google Chrome and Firefox. No issues have been reported using these two Internet providers. If you only have access to Internet Explorer and Safari and experience any issues, please take note of the settings that must be altered as a result of recent changes made to the default browser settings.

IMPORTANT INTERNET EXPLORER SETTING NOTICE: Due to changes in the default settings in Internet Explorer, users may need to change their settings to allow session cookies. To change your settings, you need to go to “Internet Options” – “Privacy” – “Advanced” – “Always Allow Session Cookies”.

ATTENTION MAC/SAFARI USERS: If you are having trouble viewing the website or our Event Calendar, please go to Safari – Preferences – Privacy (tab) – Set your “Block Cookies” to Never.

Why when I select a menu item nothing happens?

Our website was designed to work on a variety of platforms and devices, including new mobile devices. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 will provide the best website browsing experience.
These browsers are free:
I am using Internet Explorer. How can I tell what version of IE is installed?

To check which version of Internet Explorer you are using first open the IE browser. If you can see the menu bar at the top of the browser window, select “HELP” and “ABOUT Internet Explorer”.
If you are not running IE 11, you should update your browser. (Note: Window XP does not support IE versions greater than IE 8.)
To upgrade to a more current version of IE:
I am using IE version 8 under Windows XP and do not wish to upgrade. What options do I have?

Under IE 8 our website will not display correctly. We suggest you download a free version of Firefox or chrome. However, if you wish to continue with IE 8 you may need to make an adjustment to your settings.
1. Check that you have Enabled scripting. This following document has directions for your version of IE. Find the directions for “Internet Explorer < 9”
2. Check that you have disabled View Compatibility. On the menu bar at the top of the browser window, select “TOOLS” and scroll down to View Compatibility settings. Depending on your version of IE, there may be a check mark, make sure you un-check this option. Close your browser. Open the browser again and access Select the MENU option. You should be able to access the sub-menus. Please note the website will not display as seen in other browsers or devices. If you cannot access the sub-menus, please contact us at
Why did the event application form not display when I select the “form” or “application” option?

The most common reason is you do not have a PDF (Portable Document File) reader, such as Adobe Reader XI.There is a free down load from Adobe. Select the correct version based on your operating system (e.g., Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc.)
Caution: un-check the option to download anti-virus software.
I cannot print the form from the PDF reader. Why not?

If you can see the document, and there is no print option icon or a right click does not give you the option to print, try CTRL-P. Different browsers and different PDF readers use different print solutions.
Why did the form not download?

If you were given the option to download and save, then check to see if the document was actually downloaded. Find your download folder. Under Windows, this will be on your C drive, under user, your name, downloads folder. If the file was not downloaded, then check to see if your security software blocked the download. If this happened, you have to identify our website as a secure site. You can find this under Internet Options, Security tab. If this does not work, review the settings of your security software.

If you are on your work computer and it has high data security it is highly likely that your computer has settings to prevent you from using many website features. If this is the case, you should use the website on your own computer or a tablet or smart phone. Otherwise, you will need to ask your IT department to allow you to update your browser or use another browser.

When I select the option “Tee Times” or “Scores” on the “Tee Times and Results” page I get a blank screen. Why?

GHIN TPP works best with Firefox or Chrome. If you are using Internet Explorer 11 for any of the TPP pages to work correctly the pages must use Compatibility View settings built into IE 11. Follow these steps:
1. Open Internet explorer and go to the page causing trouble
2. Select the “gear” in the top rightmost side of the browser page
3. Select “Compatibility View Settings” in the drop down list
4. You should see the page listed in the box titled “Add this website”, click “ADD”
5. Click the “Close” button
The page should refresh and the tee times and or results should be displayed. It may be necessary to add additional GHIN websites to this list.