Past Champions

This is a history of the winners of each of the New Hampshire Women’s Golf Association championships. The listing have been compiled by combing through past documents and handbooks. Please let us know if you have any additional information or corrections regarding our past champions.

Amateur Championship

Article XIII of our by-laws state: The Association shall annually conduct a tournament entitled “The New Hampshire Women’s Golf Association Amateur Championship.”

The 54-hole stroke play championship is open to members of the organization with a current handicap index (maximum index set by the board) issued by a member club, and either reside in the State of New Hampshire or has been a member in good standing of a member club for a minimum of three years.

YearHost ClubNHWGA ChampionsHome Club
1922Mrs. E.H. Neal
1923Mrs. P.C. Lochwood
1924-1928Helen Coffee
1929Mrs. George Foster
1930Helen Coffee
1931Mary Doyle
1932Helen Coffee
1933Fay Audette
1934Katherine Sheehan
1935Buddy Rowell Winter
1936Katherine Sheehan
1937Buddy Rowell Winter
1938Katherine Sheehan
1939Katherine Sheehan
1940Nashua Mrs. Sibley MorrillBeaver Meadow CC
1941Concord Pauline Sykes
1942Manchester Pauline Sykes
1946Nashua Gertrude GadboisManchester CC ?
1947Manchester Gertrude GadboisManchester CC ?
1948Nashua Mrs. Ralph Morris
1949Portsmouth Mrs. Paul Kirby
1950Manchester Mrs. Paul Kirby
1951Keene Dolores Sodeston
1952Laconia Mrs. Richard KiddManchester CC
1953Keene Frances BadgerPortsmouth CC
1954Nashua Frances BadgerPortsmouth CC
1955Derryfield Mrs. Margo NelsonConcord CC
1956Laconia Mrs. Pat McGahey Manchester CC
1957Manchester Mrs. Pat McGahey Manchester CC
1958Nashua Claire CastawKeene CC
1959Keene Bette TirrellNashua CC
1960Laconia Mrs. Pat McGaheyManchester CC
1961Derryfield Rachel PlanteDerryfield CC
1962Manchester Rachel PlanteDerryfield CC
1963Hanover Rachel PlanteDerryfield CC
1964PortsmouthJoan StonePortsmouth CC
1965NashuaJane BlalockPortsmouth CC
1966KeeneJane BlalockPortsmouth CC
1967RochesterPatricia BradleyNashua CC
1968CochechoJane BlalockPortsmouth CC
1969LaconiaPatricia BradleyNashua CC
1970DerryfieldMrs. Sue JordanMojalaki CC
1971AmherstJoanne AvardNashua CC
1972NashuaJoanne AvardNashua CC
1973Beaver MeadowJoanne AvardNashua CC
1974HanoverMrs. Sue JordanMojalaki CC
1975KeeneMrs. Sue JordanMojalaki CC
1976PortsmouthMrs. Mary GaleRochester CC
1977ManchesterKristen AllenHoodcroft CC
1978RochesterMrs. Mary GaleRochester CC
1979North ConwayKristen AllenHoodcroft CC
1980CochechoKristen AllenHoodcroft CC
1981ConcordTina TombsManchester CC
1982AbenaquiDana HunterAbenaqui CC
1983Lake SunapeeSue JohnsonHanover CC
1984Country Club NHLouise BillyManchester CC
1985NashuaLaurie DionNashua CC
1986Beaver MeadowJan BournivalCharmingfare Links
1987North ConwayDana Hunter HarrityAbenaqui CC
1988HanoverKathy SlatteryHanover CC
1989KeeneMrs. Dana HarrityAbenaqui CC
1990AmherstMrs. Dana HarrityAbenaqui CC
1991NashuaLouise FrechetteRochester CC
1992PortsmouthMrs. Dana HarrityAbenaqui CC
1993RochesterMrs. Dana HarrityAbenaqui CC
1994KingswoodMrs. Dana HarrityAbenaqui CC
1995ConcordMrs. Dana HarrityAbenaqui CC
1996CochechoLouise BillyCandia Woods GL
1997KeeneDana HarrityAbenaqui CC
1998North ConwayDana HarrityAbenaqui CC
1999HanoverLaura ShanahanStonebridge CC
2000AbenaquiDana HarrityAbenaqui CC
2001RochesterKori GouletRochester CC
2002NashuaLaura Shanahan RoweStonebridge CC
2003BretwoodLouise BillyDerryfield CC
2004ManchesterDana HarrityAbenaqui CC
2005ConcordKori GouletRochester CC
2006StonebridgeDana HarrityAbenaqui CC
2007LochmereAndrea MorrellDerryfield CC
2008RochesterDana HarrityAbenaqui CC
2009North ConwayMegan MangoneWindham CC
2010CochechoChelsea DemersBretwood CC
2011Golf Club of New EnglandTara WattDerryfield CC
2012HanoverDana HarrityAbenaqui CC
2013NashuaTracey MartinNashua CC
2014Windham Dana HarrityAbenaqui CC
2015CochechoLisanne SchmidtCandia Woods GL
2016AbenaquiChelsea SedlarNashua CC

Senior, Legend, and Classic Championships

The Senior, Legend and Classic Championships are three separate championships. Each is an 18-hole stroke play tournament. Anyone 50 years old and older is eligible to play. The divisions are set by the age of the player on the first day of the tournament. In 2016 the NHWGA introduced the Classic Championship, for those 70 years old and older.


YearSenior ChampionHome Club
1959Dr. Marion FairfieldNashua CC
1960Mrs. Margo NelsonConcord CC
1961Mrs. Margo NelsonConcord CC
1963Mrs. Margo NelsonConcord CC
1964Dr. Marion FairfieldNashua CC
1965Louise SchmidtHanover CC
1966Mrs. Myrt ChaseManchester CC
1967Dr. Marion FairfieldNashua CC
1968Mrs. Marion FoggKeene CC
1970Mrs. Kate GuestHanover CC
1971Mrs. Kate GuestHanover CC
1972Mrs. Kate GuestHanover CC
1973Mrs. Betsy WestonClaremont CC
1974Mrs. Kate GuestHanover CC
1975Mrs. Nora GrimesLaconia CC
1976Mrs. Betsy WestonClaremont CC
1977Mrs. Betsy WestonClaremont CC
1978Mrs. Kate GuestHanover CC
1979Mrs. Barbara SanteDerryfield CC
1980Mrs. Barbara SanteDerryfield CC
1981Mrs. Betsy WestonClaremont CC
1982Mrs. Betsy WestonClaremont CC
1983Mrs. Jean LyonsNashua CC
1984Mrs. Marlene JonesPortsmouth CC
1985Mrs. Marlene JonesPortsmouth CC
1986Mrs. Marlene JonesPortsmouth CC
1987Mrs. Cynthia RossCharmingfare Links
1988Mrs. Cynthia RossCharmingfare Links
1989Mrs. Bette DeRocher Derryfield CC
1990Mrs. Ann AbbottExeter CC
1991Mrs. Bette DeRocher Derryfield CC
1992Mrs. Helen MillerLaconia CC
1993Mrs. Cookie HoodWaukewan CC
1994Mrs. Nicole TombsManchester CC
1995Mrs. Barbara DionNashua CC
1996Mrs. Barbara DionNashua CC
1997Nicole TombsManchester CC
1998Nicole TombsManchester CC
1999Nicole TombsManchester CC
2000Barbara DionNashua CC
2001Nicole TombsManchester CC
2002Dale NimsLochmere CC
2003Louise BillyDerryfield CC
2004Louise BillyDerryfield CC
2005Dale NimsLochmere CC
2006Kathy Slattery PhillipsHanover CC
2007Louise BillyDerryfield CC
2008Jan HenryCandia Woods GL
2009Louise BillyDerryfield CC
2010Louise BillyDerryfield CC
2011Suzy JonesCochecho CC
2012Louise BillyDerryfield CC
2013CJ Gauthier PrenaveauFarmington CC
2014Betsy KnightsHanover CC
2015Dana HarrityAbenaqui CC
2016Beth HamiltonCanterbury Woods CC


YearLegend ChampionHome Club
1991Mrs Renee ReedAngus Lea GC
1992Mrs. Marcia EarlKeene CC
1993Mrs. Marcia EarlKeene CC
1994Mrs. Marcia EarlKeene CC
1995Mrs. Marlene JonesPortsmouth CC
1996Mrs. Marlene JonesPortsmouth CC
1997Betty EastmanWaukewan CC
1998Rosalie WilkinsLaconia CC
1999Shirley GagnonCochecho CC
2000Barbara AthyShattick Inn GC
2001Peg CrowleyWaukewan CC
2002Barbara DionNashua CC
2003Barbara DionNashua CC
2004Paula AinsworthBethlehem CC
2005Paula AinsworthBethlehem CC
2006Nicole TombsManchester CC
2007Susan BrassardThe Overlook GC
2008Nicole TombsManchester CC
2009Sylvia PrivePlausawa Valley GC
2010Jean JohnstonLoudon CC
2011Paula AinsworthBethlehem CC
2012Dale NimsLochmere CC
2013Paula AinsworthBethlehem CC
2014Dale NimsLochmere CC
2015Dale NimsLochmere CC
2016Dale NimsLochmere CC


YearHost ClubClassic ChampionHome Club
2016Owl's NestPaula AinsworthBethlehem

Junior Championship

Our Junior championship is an 18-hole stroke play championship and open to all players younger than 18 years old.

YearJunior ChampionHome Club
1958Lynette Larcom
1959Judy Jeliniek
1960Jane Blalock
1961Jane Blalock
1963Jane Blalock
1964Sue Mielauskas
1965Sue Mielauskas
1966Lynn Fleming
1967 - 1981
1982Pam Kerrigan
1983Tammy Mac AllisterBretwood CC
1984Laurie KidderMojalaki CC
1985Debbie HordonBuckmeadow CC
1986Mindy InglisDerryfield CC
1987Karen LemieuxFarmington CC
1988Erin DowneyIndian Mound CC
1989Julie SenecalKingswood CC
1990Anne BeauchesneIntervale CC
1991Allison PletcherAngus Lea GC
1992Keri MalloyAbenaqui CC
1993Jeanette PierceBeaver Meadow CC
1994Alyssa TaylorCandia Woods GL
1995Alyssa TaylorCandia Woods GL
1996Christy SyphersPortsmouth CC
1997Kori GouletRochester CC
1998Shannon RogersRochester CC
1999Alyssa LaroseSouhegan Woods GC
2000Megan MangoneWindham CC
2001Liz FrielThe Overlook GC
2002Megan MangoneWindham CC
2003Megan MangoneWindham CC
2004Lindsay WilliamsCandia Woods GL
2005Tracy MartinNashua CC
2006Lisanne SchmidtEastman CC
2007Chelsea DemersBretwood CC
2008Jennine Regan
2009Faith JenkinsOak Hill GC
2010Faith JenkinsOak Hill GC
2011Lauren ThibodeauWindham CC
2012Lauren ThibodeauWindham CC
2013Lauren ThibodeauWindham CC
2014Lauren ThibodeauWindham CC
2015Lauren ThibodeauWindham CC
2016Lauren ThibodeauWindham CC