NHWGA Junior Girls Championship

New Venue for the NHWGA 2020 Junior Championship

We are pleased to announce that the 2020 junior season begins with the NHWGA Junior Girls Championship at Amherst Country Club on Thursday, June 25. Amherst is an 18-hole golf course located in Amherst, New Hampshire.

The championship is open to all junior girls under the age of 18 as of June 25, 2020 who are residents of the state of New Hampshire. Non-resident girls must submit verification of NH club affiliation. Junior golfers do not have to be members of the NHWGA and may compete without established handicaps.


Munchkin Cricket Pee Wee Mini
age 5 ages 6 – 7 ages 8 – 9 ages 9 – 11
Junior (9) Juniors Senior (9) Seniors
ages 11 – 14 ages 11 – 14 ages 15 – 17 ages 15 – 17

The Munchkin and Cricket divisions play a shortened layout of five or seven holes. The Pee Wee and Mini divisions play nine shortened holes. The Junior and Senior divisions may play nine or 18 regulation holes, depending on ability.

Check back in the spring to learn more and to register for the Junior Championship. We also encourage any junior girl, who meets handicap eligibility requirements, to join NHWGA and compete in weekly events.

New Hampshire Golf Association (NHGA) Junior Tour

The NHWGA supports the New Hampshire Golf Association Junior Tour for the 2020 tournament season.  Information regarding the Tour and the tour schedule is available on the NHGA website at: nhgolfassociation.org

The NHGA Junior Tour, with events throughout the state, is open to girls and boys in the following divisions:

Birdie: Boys ages 10-12 and girls ages 10-13. Competitors will participate in nine-hole tournaments. These events are for players wanting to experience competitive golf in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.
Eagle: Boys ages 13-17 and girls ages 14-17 – Eagle A (ages 15-17) and Eagle B (ages 13-14). Competitors will participate in 18-hole tournaments. These events are for players with some tournament experience and those preparing for high school and college golf.