NHGA/NHWGA Transition Committee

Letter to the New Hampshire Golf Community

We hope that all of you have enjoyed a very productive golf season and that you and your family continue to remain healthy and safe. Despite a year of unrest and turmoil, the game of golf seems as strong and healthy as it’s ever been and for that, we must thank all of you that continue to play at your home clubs and participate in tournaments all across the state.
As many of you know, the NHGA and NHWGA have been working more closely together in an effort to see how we can better serve the game, our member clubs, and all of you as individual golfers. The conversation has been ongoing for many years now and through many ups and downs, we felt that now would be a good time to engage our collective membership and the golf community as a whole as we work toward educating everyone on where we are, and where we want to go as allied associations.
Before we dive into specific details, it’s important to recognize and acknowledge that both the NHGA and NHWGA play an invaluable role in the history and tradition of the game in New Hampshire. Further, both organizations feel a deep sense of obligation to see the game continue to grow as we look to safeguard its future for years to come. The golf community in New Hampshire is vibrant and passionate and our number one priority is to serve the best interests of each and every one of you.
The leadership of both organizations understand that while we do have differences, we are more alike than different and we’ve reached an important crossroads for the game in the Granite State. Collectively, we feel that the time is right for amateur golf to have a single, unified voice and we’re committed to making that a reality.
While much hard work has been completed, there is still a long way to go. We are asking all of you for your patience, your input, and most importantly, your support as we work toward an inclusive consolidation. In the interest of being as open and transparent as possible, we have compiled a list of FAQs below and invite you to engage in the process through a new dedicated website, to be announced, with an email address where you can send your questions.
As members of the greater golf community, we encourage you to get involved and please reach out to us at any time with questions, comments, or concerns through the new website. On behalf of the transition committee, thank you and we look forward to engaging with all of you again soon.

Joanne Flynn | President | NHGA
Matt Schmidt | Executive Director | NHGA
Cindy McLaughlin | President | NHWGA

NHGA/NHWGA Consolidation – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 … Why do the NHGA and NHWGA want to consolidate?
Three years ago, the NHGA entered into an agreement with the USGA to become the Allied Golf Association (AGA) within the state of New Hampshire. The USGA felt that the new AGA model would provide golfers with a richer experience that would allow goods and services to be more effectively delivered. This change in the amateur golf landscape also meant that the relationship between the NHGA and NWHGA would forever be changed. Whereas in the past, the two organizations both administered handicaps and provided course rating services, the USGA’s new AGA model stipulated that those core services would be administered by a single organization in New Hampshire, the NHGA.
We now believe one organization is better positioned to provide the best opportunities to all New Hampshire golfers whether they are men, women or juniors. This single organization creates a central resource for amateur golf in New Hampshire. Golfers would contact a single, unified organization for questions relating to handicapping, course rating, Rules of Golf/Amateur Status, and tournament programs.
Q2 … In the consolidation, will the NHWGA be absorbed by the NHGA or will the NHGA be absorbed by the NHWGA? Neither. A new organization, with new by-laws, will be formed and re-branded under a new name.
Q3 … I currently play in both NHGA and NHWGA events, how will the consolidation affect my playing opportunities? While both organizations have agreed that ALL existing playing opportunities will be preserved, including current NHWGA Tuesday events, it is also understood that the new organization will continue to improve, enhance and grow its programming to offer all golfers in the state with more chances to enjoy the game as determined by participation levels.
Q4 … Who will govern the new organization?
A volunteer board of directors, as determined by the consolidating organizations, will work alongside a full time staff.
Q5 … Who is handling the details of the proposed consolidation?
A transition committee made up of members from the NHGA & NHWGA boards are handling all aspects of the consolidation.
Q6 … Is there a time line for the consolidation?
The current NHGA/NHWGA agreement expires at the end of 2020. While no firm timeline has been established, the transition committee is working diligently to address complex and important issues as quickly and thoroughly as possible.
Q7 … What about finances? Who is accounting for the money that each organization has accumulated over the years?
Both organizations agree that monies accumulated from past operations belong to each respective organization. There is no desire nor need to consolidate as a means to access certain funds. However, both sides also agree that a budget must be established to ensure operations are able to be financially viable and a full re-brand will be a significant expense that both the NHGA and NHWGA expect to contribute to.
Once the new organizational budget has been established, the respective Boards would decide on the process for handling their remaining funds.