Pace of Play Policy

The Pace of Play Policy (POP) is a means to allow all competitors to enjoy their round while keeping the NHWGA in the good graces of all hosting clubs. This policy is not intended to penalize a group or a competitor but is designed to help ensure the enjoyment of the game for all.

The lead group should play within a time established by the Committee (this will vary by course and format). All others will be held to that time plus 15 minutes. Check the registration table at every tournament for the Pace of Play and any local rules.

Players must finish within 10 minutes of the group ahead of them or their allotted time. As long as a group finishes within 10 minutes of the group ahead of them, and have met all of the requirements of the POP Policy Guidelines, they will not be timed-disqualified (TDQ’d). There will be clocks on the 1st and 18th hole at every tournament.

Prior to Play

During Play

It is up to each competitor to be aware of their start and finish time. It is also suggested that competitors note the finish time of the group ahead of them.

Completion of the Round

Post Tournament Guidelines

Tournament results are sent to both the tournament and rules chairs, who determine if any POP penalties have occurred.

Appeals Process

Individual appeals must be made within 48 hours after the scores are posted on the website. Appeals will only be allowed for medical, mechanical, weather, incident on the 18th hole, or individual circumstance(s). No appeal(s) will be allowed after the designated time. Individuals who do not sign the scorecard lose their right to appeal.

Please contact NHWGA at or call 603-356-9051 and give your name, phone number or email address and the tournament you are appealing. A member of the committee will contact you.