Participation Points

PARTICIPATION POINTS will be awarded for play in regular Tuesday tournaments and Sunday Mixed Foursomes, and one participation point will be awarded in each of the NEWGA, Tri-State, and Junior and Senior/Legend/Classic Championships. Up to 3 points will be awarded for those participating in the NHWGA Championship, one point for each day played.

If a player no cards, she will still receive a participation point. Participation points are used for selection to Specialty tournaments the following year.

2016 Participation Points are used for selection to 2017 Specialty Tournaments. If your name is not on this list, you did not participate in any of the previously mentioned events.

Note: Playing Exemption – personal, medical, care giver or active military – will be processed at the start of the 2017 season. Send requests by email to the Secretary, or by US mail. Participation Points for Specialty Tournaments selection will be those earned during the year of the exemption, or the prior year if more beneficial to the member.

Click on a column header to sort the list. To find a person or persons enter member name or club name in the search criteria box.

Last NameFirst NameClub20162017
AddorisioFranBreakfast Hill Golf Club30
AinsworthPaulaBethlehem Country Club100
AlgeoAmy Passaconaway Country Club30
AllanDeborahEastman Golf Links71
AnthonyDonnaDerryfield Country Club80
ArchambaultJoanneHale's Location Country Club30
AsburyKarenProvince Lake Golf111
AtkinsonAnnetteGreen Meadow Golf Club50
AubinAnitaDerryfield Country Club70
AuriemmaKathyBreakfast Hill Golf Club10
AveryCindyKingswood Golf Club01
AylesMariePembroke Pines Country Club11
BabinKathrynOwl's Nest Golf Club40
BalserDiannLoudon Country Club30
BarneaAnneBeaver Meadow Golf Course10
BarnesKatherineConcord Country Club40
BaronPeggyDuston Country Club70
BartlettFaithWaukewan Golf Club10
BartonLindaSouhegan Woods Golf Club60
BeaudinPatDen Brae Golf Course10
BeaulieuSuePortsmouth Country Club90
BechardBarbaraNashua Country Club31
BechardSueHoodkroft Country Club01
BeersBarbaraCanterbury Woods Country Club20
BelairKathyConcord Country Club61
BellMarjorieConcord Country Club40
BellJennyloThe Oaks Golf Links10
BellamoDawnPease Golf Course20
BellavanceArtheaNashua Country Club11
BenjaminDebBaker Hill Golf Club30
BensonBrennaDen Brae Golf Course50
BerezinCarolEastman Golf Links41
BergeronDoreneHoodkroft Country Club61
BerlindLindaAmherst Country Club110
BickfordJanetOak Hill Golf Course122
BiehlShannonCochecho Country Club10
BillyLouiseFarmington Country Club40
BlaisLolaPheasant Ridge Golf Club80
BodwellAmyKeene Country Club10
BoothroydLindaGreen Meadow Golf Club81
BorsaBarbaraCochecho Country Club61
BotosJoanneCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course110
BovaDianePease Golf Course110
BradshawSandraIntervale Country Club122
BraggJenniferNashua Country Club42
BrassardSusanSouhegan Woods Golf Club40
BrennerMargaretNashua Country Club70
BresslerTerryDerryfield Country Club100
BretonDeeCanterbury Woods Country Club10
BrideauJenniferCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course30
BridgewaterJuneAmherst Country Club100
BrigidaAngelaBethlehem Country Club30
BrinkLindaCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course100
BrockLeslieNippo Lake Golf Club51
BrockettKathleenCanterbury Woods Country Club30
BrooksLoriAmherst Country Club50
BroughCindyLochmere Golf and Country Club50
BrownCindyLoudon Country Club10
BrownClareBethlehem Country Club10
BrownellChristinaHanover Country Club20
BruderPaulaDuston Country Club30
BrunelleJanicePembroke Pines Country Club10
BruzgaLee-AnnaDuston Country Club111
BryanAnneAbenaqui Country Club20
BuffumCharleneHoodkroft Country Club72
BulkaTrishSouhegan Woods Golf Club20
BurgoyneBerniceSouhegan Woods Golf Club102
BurkeSheilaCanterbury Woods Country Club10
BurnsPamelaAmherst Country Club01
ButtBarbaraDuston Country Club50
CalderNancyConcord Country Club20
CallanJackieRochester Country Club01
CampbellDianePembroke Pines Country Club10
CantwellJacquelynSouhegan Woods Golf Club10
CarswellJoannDuston Country Club121
CaruanaTinaAmherst Country Club30
CasserlyLynnApple Hill10
CellanaLou AnneWentworth Golf Club20
CenciDianeSouhegan Woods Golf Club70
ChagnonCindyManchester Country Club20
ChailleAnneLochmere Golf and Country Club01
ChaseBarbaraPassaconaway Country Club30
ChumasSusanCandia Woods Golf Links20
CingolaniDeniseCochecho Country Club20
CirbusKristinHanover Country Club20
ClarkEileenPembroke Pines Country Club20
ClausonDebPortsmouth Country Club101
ClearyVenetaHoodkroft Country Club30
ClevelandMary-JaneCanterbury Woods Country Club41
ComstockKimberlyPease Golf Course70
ComstockTerryBethlehem Country Club10
ConstantCarolannDuston Country Club90
ConwayEileenDerryfield Country Club72
CookmanJudyPheasant Ridge Golf Club30
CormierMary JaneSouhegan Woods Golf Club142
CosgroveCandiWindham Country Club102
CoteAnneDen Brae Golf Course120
CoteWinifredDerryfield Country Club41
Cote-BurkDianeBeaver Meadow Golf Course10
CovinoMargaretSouhegan Woods Golf Club50
CraneSharonPheasant Ridge Golf Club30
CreelmanChristineDublin Lake01
CrowleyDeborahNorth Conway Country Club20
CrowleyPegCanterbury Woods Country Club20
CulbertMs. MichaelBreakfast Hill Golf Club30
CullensKarenDuston Country Club111
CullityRobertaDerryfield Country Club120
CummingJaneLochmere Golf and Country Club91
CummingsChristineCanterbury Woods Country Club50
CummingsLisaCanterbury Woods Country Club20
CurleySharonCanterbury Woods Country Club01
CutlerPatHoodkroft Country Club102
CyrJoanRochester Country Club60
DaleLisaCochecho Country Club10
DanielsKathleenLoudon Country Club81
DavisBettyBeaver Meadow Golf Course40
DavisHeatherRochester Country Club10
DelisleDianePembroke Pines Country Club20
DelucLauraSouhegan Woods Golf Club81
DeMarcoCeceliaPortsmouth Country Club20
DemerittJaniceFarmington Country Club31
DemersRuthIntervale Country Club61
DeRocheSuzanneStonebridge Country Club90
DeRocherBetteDerryfield Country Club60
DescoteauxRitaWentworth Golf Club110
DevellianClaireNorth Conway Country Club60
DicksonCherylDerryfield Country Club81
DionBarbaraNashua Country Club20
DoranDianeSouhegan Woods Golf Club80
DorowKarenPortsmouth Country Club100
DouglassEileenPease Golf Course60
DownallChristinePease Golf Course131
DownerSusanSouhegan Woods Golf Club10
DowneyCarolCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course100
DoyleDianeFarmington Country Club20
DrakePhyllisRochester Country Club51
DrewHannahBretwood Golf Course10
DuganVauneKingswood Golf Club50
DugganMaureenAtkinson Country Club70
DugrenierMaryPease Golf Course71
DunnDenisePembroke Pines Country Club60
DyerJaneBethlehem Country Club70
EdgerlySandyThe Oaks Golf Links10
EhlersNancyOwl's Nest Golf Club20
EllisPaulaPheasant Ridge Golf Club81
EnoElianePembroke Pines Country Club10
EriksonLaurenSky Meadow Country Club10
EscheMarciaKeene Country Club10
EthierLaurieNashua Country Club10
FalgaresCarolynSouhegan Woods Golf Club51
FeithSaraCochecho Country Club10
FerlandJuneRochester Country Club81
FerlandSueFarmington Country Club31
FishbeinMyraCochecho Country Club40
FiskeDianeThe Oaks Golf Links81
FlintSusanConcord Country Club40
FlynnPatCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course101
Focht-CatalucciCricketWentworth Golf Club40
FollandGayNorth Conway Country Club51
FontaineMary JaneLoudon Country Club40
ForbesDebFarmington Country Club10
ForbushCarolConcord Country Club10
FosterPattyCochecho Country Club10
FraineAnnSouhegan Woods Golf Club10
FrancisMagThe Country Club of NH101
FrancoeurSheilaPease Golf Course10
FriedmanChristineCanterbury Woods Country Club30
FrueaufMitziSouhegan Woods Golf Club10
FullerSharenOak Hill Golf Course182
FutterrerLauraCochecho Country Club30
GallagherKathyNorth Conway Country Club10
GalliganRosePembroke Pines Country Club30
GarafaloKathleneHoodkroft Country Club20
GaravanoPamCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course70
GaudesJacquelineNorth Conway Country Club40
GauthierDianaClaremont Country Club01
GauthierRebeccaConcord Country Club30
GearanJanetBeaver Meadow Golf Course71
GilliganKathleen Wentworth Golf Club10
GliddenRosemarieRochester Country Club60
GoddardAnnetteBeaver Meadow Golf Course51
GolterBarbaraPease Golf Course120
GoodwinLauraThe Oaks Golf Links10
GormanMauraThe Country Club of NH90
GoulartJaneWentworth Golf Club20
GrassettGwynBethlehem Country Club61
GrayCookieAmherst Country Club192
GriffinCathyDerryfield Country Club31
GuilmetteJaneBeaver Meadow Golf Course61
GunskiSandyDerryfield Country Club100
GurryMarthaAbenaqui Country Club20
GutteridgeBethGreen Meadow Golf Club90
HaasJeanieLochmere Golf and Country Club141
HadwenSharonBethlehem Country Club20
HaleYvonneWaukewan Golf Club112
HamiltonBethanyCanterbury Woods Country Club100
HannaganJacquelineApple Hill20
HannahSusanNippo Lake Golf Club40
HannahJoanProfile Golf Club20
HarmanMelissaThe Oaks Golf Links80
HarringtonDonnaBeaver Meadow Golf Course20
HarrisLadonnaGreen Meadow Golf Club91
HarrisCarolynGreen Meadow Golf Club40
HarrisDianeBretwood Golf Course10
HarrityDanaAbenaqui Country Club121
HartMayePembroke Pines Country Club21
HartmanGerilynCandia Woods Golf Links10
HarveyDonnaLochmere Golf and Country Club150
HatfieldPegAmherst Country Club102
HazenKathrynDen Brae Golf Course60
HecimovichBarbAtkinson Country Club10
HeffernanDottieHale's Location Country Club20
HeindlLeslieCochecho Country Club10
HenryPatriciaNorth Conway Country Club40
HeymansLynneDerryfield Country Club40
HieraDianePease Golf Course61
HimmerJenniferCochecho Country Club10
HolladayMaryIndian Mound Golf Club40
HolloranAnnmarieThe Oaks Golf Links30
HoodCookieRidgewood Country Club100
HornePamCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course101
HowardLynPease Golf Course61
HoweCarolLochmere Golf and Country Club121
HoytLeslieOwl's Nest Golf Club50
HuntFranCanterbury Woods Country Club41
IrvinColetteAbenaqui Country Club10
IturraldeKayHoodkroft Country Club10
JacobsNancyPheasant Ridge Golf Club70
JacobsonLucyLochmere Golf and Country Club80
JacquesCathyOak Hill Golf Course162
JanesKarenThe Oaks Golf Links10
JenkinsJoanLoudon Country Club10
JobertRuthBretwood Golf Course10
JohnsonDeniseCandia Woods Golf Links01
JohnstonJeanPembroke Pines Country Club102
JollyJenniferHoodkroft Country Club20
JonesSuzyCochecho Country Club20
JordanSusanDen Brae Golf Course50
KallanianJuneCrotched Mountain Golf Club10
KaltenbachMaryGranite Fields Golf Club91
KearneyMargieCandia Woods Golf Links121
KeefeSueHoodkroft Country Club40
KelleyNancyAbenaqui Country Club20
KellyCherylCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course61
KenneyMary EllenLochmere Golf and Country Club21
KeoughPatriciaDerryfield Country Club20
KhouryJeanCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course60
KilgoreSpruillPortsmouth Country Club40
KlugRitaMonadnock Country Club50
KnightsBetsyHanover Country Club81
KruzelMaryCanterbury Woods Country Club90
KudrickBettyPembroke Pines Country Club71
KuketzElaineNippo Lake Golf Club10
LaaspereMelissaNashua Country Club71
LabrancheCaroleStonebridge Country Club20
LabrancheMichelleStonebridge Country Club10
LacasseJeannettePease Golf Course30
LaffertyLizDerryfield Country Club10
LambNancyCanterbury Woods Country Club152
LambertJudyKingswood Golf Club101
LancasterLinGreen Meadow Golf Club01
LanoieElaineDerryfield Country Club71
LapointePamLochmere Golf and Country Club131
LarkinBarbaraManchester Country Club20
LatheAnneIntervale Country Club100
LauterbornElaineCochecho Country Club10
LaVigneSharonBaker Hill Golf Club31
LeBlancCarolWaukewan Golf Club20
LeeLorraineHoodkroft Country Club50
LefebvreCarmenFarmington Country Club22
LeightonDonnaPease Golf Course110
LesieurCarmenPassaconaway Country Club150
LetellierCarrieIntervale Country Club101
LewisNancyRochester Country Club91
LoganKarenThe Overlook Golf Club120
LougeeSusanThe Shattuck Golf Club62
LowKathyHoodkroft Country Club60
LowryMaryannWentworth Golf Club30
LucchettiJillHale's Location Country Club10
LuccoJanetNippo Lake Golf Club61
LumbChrissyCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course40
LussierKarenBethlehem Country Club30
LutjenPatriceNorth Conway Country Club60
MacleayPaigeClaremont Country Club10
MacLeodJeanSouhegan Woods Golf Club81
MagdziaszNancyWaukewan Golf Club10
MalletAnna MarieKeene Country Club10
MantieTammyLochmere Golf and Country Club40
MantineoSaraDerryfield Country Club20
ManusConniePembroke Pines Country Club31
ManwaringAliKeene Country Club10
MarchMindyPease Golf Course31
MarchandMaeDen Brae Golf Course41
MarcheseRitaCandia Woods Golf Links132
MarjerisonJerilynCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course01
MarshGinaGreen Meadow Golf Club102
MarshallTraceyThe Golf Club of NE10
MassahosKarenCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course101
MattlageLindaBeaver Meadow Golf Course51
MaxwellVictoriaIntervale Country Club10
MazerolleLacriciaNashua Country Club50
MazzagliaDarylWentworth Golf Club10
McBarronKarenPassaconaway Country Club101
McCannCarolCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course61
McCarthyKathrynBethlehem Country Club70
McCullyDotPembroke Pines Country Club10
McElroyFinCochecho Country Club10
McGeeBrendaDen Brae Golf Course90
McGrathDebiLake Sunapee Country Club30
McGuertyBethPortsmouth Country Club10
McGuireKathleenStonebridge Country Club60
McKeenBarbaraAmherst Country Club101
McKeenKarenSouhegan Woods Golf Club82
McLaughlinCindyPassaconaway Country Club150
McLaughrySusanHanover Country Club10
McNamaraKathyNorth Conway Country Club50
MekelatosCindyBreakfast Hill Golf Club50
MelansonLeigh AnneCochecho Country Club20
MelendyFayNorth Conway Country Club41
MessingerKateCanterbury Woods Country Club91
MicucciDonnaPembroke Pines Country Club20
MikscheSandyCanterbury Woods Country Club82
MillerYolandaCanterbury Woods Country Club132
MillerKimberlyDuston Country Club111
MillerPhyllisHoodkroft Country Club71
MonahanJanetConcord Country Club20
MonroePamelaThe Oaks Golf Links10
MorgantiJoanneHoodkroft Country Club41
MorrellAndreaFarmington Country Club40
MorrisNancyNorth Conway Country Club40
MoultonKarenEastman Golf Links60
MowersCarlaNippo Lake Golf Club60
MoynihanDebPheasant Ridge Golf Club70
MurgatroyBonnieNewport Golf Club 10
MusinskyEllenStonebridge Country Club90
NelsonSuzanneNorth Conway Country Club30
NicollDonnaIntervale Country Club41
NimsDaleLochmere Golf and Country Club91
NivenNancyAngus Lea Golf Course10
NoonanMegHanover Country Club10
NourIreneCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course71
O'BrienJoannaIntervale Country Club10
OsgoodSherryLochmere Golf and Country Club101
OttoJillianLochmere Golf and Country Club10
PallodinoLauriBreakfast Hill Golf Club20
PeabodyMarnyLochmere Golf and Country Club111
PeltakPaulineIntervale Country Club111
PerkinsCindySouhegan Woods Golf Club111
PerronLindaHoodkroft Country Club71
PetersAmyHanover Country Club61
PetersonJudyThe Oaks Golf Links40
PetrieVirginiaCochecho Country Club30
PillsburyJaneWaukewan Golf Club11
PlanteThayerLochmere Golf and Country Club111
PletchLindaDen Brae Golf Course90
PoltakRachelDerryfield Country Club30
PoltakJaniceCandia Woods Golf Links10
PoorCarolAbenaqui Country Club10
PowerMaureenPassaconaway Country Club80
PraschAliceIntervale Country Club81
PratteCarlaDerryfield Country Club30
PrescottCarolBeaver Meadow Golf Course20
PriveSylviaPembroke Pines Country Club81
PuringtonJuneDuston Country Club60
PynnLeaSouhegan Woods Golf Club01
QuinteroJanetCochecho Country Club50
RaabeLeahDuston Country Club60
RaabeChristianeDuston Country Club50
RankinsDianeThe Country Club of NH90
Reynolds NaughtonLindaDuston Country Club10
RheinhardtNancyConcord Country Club122
RichardsonCoreyDuston Country Club131
RileyKellyCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course20
RingerCarlaLochmere Golf and Country Club71
RivardCarolWindham Country Club80
Roberts-BeaverHelenLochmere Golf and Country Club50
RogersMarjorieCochecho Country Club20
RoguskyDeirdreAmherst Country Club130
RosenthalCarrieBreakfast Hill Golf Club10
RossCynthiaConcord Country Club71
RowleyAndreaCochecho Country Club20
RuthRobinCanterbury Woods Country Club40
RyanLorraineConcord Country Club40
SandersKarenKingswood Golf Club60
SantostefanoJoyceSouhegan Woods Golf Club22
SarettePaulineIntervale Country Club81
SaurmanPamelaPortsmouth Country Club70
ScanlonJoanneCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course101
SchlieperPamWentworth By the Sea Country Club30
SchmidtColetteEastman Golf Links10
SchmidtLisanneCandia Woods Golf Links10
SchmitzSuzanneEastman Golf Links21
SchochKathiDuston Country Club60
SchultzIreneNippo Lake Golf Club100
SedlarChelseaNashua Country Club20
SerafinPatPembroke Pines Country Club41
SeveryGailSouhegan Woods Golf Club62
SewallMary AnnBreakfast Hill Golf Club10
ShattlerChristineBethlehem Country Club80
SheehanRhondaCandia Woods Golf Links40
SheltonDeborahCochecho Country Club10
ShermanMarieCanterbury Woods Country Club10
SinclairPriscillaGreen Meadow Golf Club90
SinclairVirginiaDerryfield Country Club40
SjogrenKarenNewport Golf Club 151
SmithSusanCochecho Country Club10
SoucyFrancesFarmington Country Club62
SowerStaciaExeter Country Club01
SpringDianaDuston Country Club111
SquiresCarmenPease Golf Course51
StarryJoyceDerryfield Country Club10
SteenbekeJaniceConcord Country Club20
StetsonSuzanneAmherst Country Club40
StewartNancyNorth Conway Country Club122
StewartLindaHoodkroft Country Club20
StillingsSheilaIndian Mound Golf Club40
StoneConnieNippo Lake Golf Club51
StoykovichBunnyStonebridge Country Club70
SullivanReginaSouhegan Woods Golf Club122
SullivanMaggieBreakfast Hill Golf Club40
SullivanErinBreakfast Hill Golf Club30
SwachaLiseCanterbury Woods Country Club30
SweeneyKathleenWentworth Golf Club70
SweeneyAndiCanterbury Woods Country Club30
SweezyJacquelineDerryfield Country Club61
TackPhyllisIntervale Country Club20
TaylorKathyDuston Country Club70
TeasJoannaDerryfield Country Club71
TessierJoannePheasant Ridge Golf Club61
ThebodeauMartyNashua Country Club20
TheriaultCynthiaCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course100
TheriaultThereseSky Meadow Country Club92
ThibodeauLaurenWindham Country Club10
ThirskPattiDerryfield Country Club10
ThomasJoyRochester Country Club50
ThorntonEliseDerryfield Country Club80
TilleyCortneyAtkinson Country Club10
TippingStephanieNashua Country Club10
TombsNicoleManchester Country Club10
TosiPeggyDerryfield Country Club70
TraversKateEastman Golf Links50
TrudeauJo-AnnIntervale Country Club31
TsouprakakisDebraCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course71
TullisSueDuston Country Club50
TurcotteJeanCochecho Country Club30
UphamPatBeaver Meadow Golf Course111
VailSherrieSouhegan Woods Golf Club90
ValliereLoisNorth Conway Country Club80
VanReenenCathyPease Golf Course80
VantineIreneSouhegan Woods Golf Club61
VeraccoKathyNashua Country Club80
VetterKathyPease Golf Course111
VoltzMaryAmherst Country Club20
VoraShivaniPortsmouth Country Club50
WabbleBonnieOak Hill Golf Course101
WadasCherylAbenaqui Country Club60
WalkerLynneWentworth Golf Club10
WallaceDonnaNorth Conway Country Club41
WalshMellIntervale Country Club61
WatkinsJudyConcord Country Club21
WattTaraDerryfield Country Club41
WebsterBetsyLochmere Golf and Country Club152
WeddletonClaudetteDerryfield Country Club72
WentworthJulieThe Oaks Golf Links60
WhilesCherylBethlehem Country Club30
WhitcherTorrieCanterbury Woods Country Club30
WhitcherCindyNorth Conway Country Club20
WhitehouseShirleyRochester Country Club71
WhitneyPattyProfile Golf Club11
WilkinsAllisonLaconia Country Club10
WilksRowenaThe Country Club of NH162
WillardCatherinePease Golf Course10
WilliamsLolitaThe Oaks Golf Links81
WilliamsMindyCanterbury Woods Country Club30
WillkensIngridDerryfield Country Club71
WilsonJoanCampbell's Scottish Highlands Golf Course90
WoodburnLynnBethlehem Country Club20
WoodwardDianaSouhegan Woods Golf Club111
YoungCarmynAngus Lea Golf Course151
ZaydonMichelleThe Oaks Golf Links31
ZutterLauraEastman Golf Links40