Severe Weather Policy

“The Committee does not have the authority to reduce the number of holes of a stipulated round once play has commenced for that round.” — USGA Rules and Decisions 33-1/2

The course always has the right to cancel play if the course feels that it is unsafe or detrimental to the course to continue play.

“Generally, a round should be canceled only in a case where it would be grossly unfair not to cancel it. For example, if some competitors begin a round under extremely adverse weather conditions, conditions subsequently worsen and further play that day is impossible, it would be unfair to the competitors who started not to cancel the round.” — USGA Rule and Decisions 33-2d/1 Guidelines on Whether to Cancel Round

In the spirit of the game, and for both safety and the enjoyment of the game, NHWGA reserves the right for both the course pro or its representative and a Board member to collaborate and decide if it is in the best interest of both the players and the course to suspend or cancel play.

If a tournament is cancelled before it starts, so be it.
If a tournament is cancelled before all players are finished their round:

  1. A player is not entitled to any refund.
  2. It is up to the host club to refund any portion of a cart fee.
  3. A player will receive a participation point, if applicable.
  4. Competition credits will be distributed based on 75% of the field finishing 18 holes or if a 9 hole tournament 75% finishing 9 holes.

A 9 hole tournament must be declared prior to the start of the first tee time, otherwise it is an 18 hole tournament.

For shotgun tournaments, two separate 9 hole tournaments will be played. Participants starting on the front 9 will continue play on the front 9 and those starting on the back 9 will continue play on the back 9 unless dictated differently by course layout.

Discontinuance of Play

“a. When permitted

The player must not discontinue play unless:
(i) The Committee has suspended play;
(ii) The player(s) believe they are in danger of lightning;
(iii) The player is seeking a decision from the Committee on a doubtful or disputed point; or
(iv) There is some other good reason such as sudden illness.

Bad weather is not of itself a good reason for discontinuing play.” — USGA Rule 6-8 Discontinuance of Play; Resumption of Play

If the player(s) discontinues play without the specific permission from the committee, they must report to the committee (registration, scorer, pro, etc.) stating that they have discontinued play and why, or they are disqualified. They must turn in their card even if it is a “No Card”.

Resumption of Play

When the player(s) is comfortable with returning to play they MUST take their place on the course “at the back of the line.” Please wait until there is a sufficient gap in the field so that rejoining the field does not impede anyone’s progress. As a matter of etiquette do NOT cut players that remained on the course.

Should a player find herself to be the only one in her group that wants to return to the course, she must proceed as follows:

  1. Get the original scorecard. Put Xs on the holes that were not completed.
  2. Have all the members of the original group sign the scorecard, which will stay with the scorer.
  3. Get a blank scorecard to record scores for resumption of play and notify the scorer or a committee member of her intentions to continue play.

The player then has one of the following options:

  1. Find a group of three, or less, to join, or
  2. Have a marker accompany her out on the course.
  3. Ask the course if they will allow her to join a group so that she can continue play.

When the player finishes her round she must:

  1. Have her card signed and attested for those holes she completed after the delay.
  2. Attach both attested cards at the scorer’s table.