Tournament Guidelines

Tournament Requirements and Information

USGA Rules Govern All NHWGA Tournaments

  1. Five 18-hole scores must be posted since January 1, 2016 in order to participate in 2017 events. If you have not met this criteria, the Handicap Chair will send you an ineligible to play letter.
  2. The GHIN handicap system will be used for handicap verification.
  3. In case of rain, any Board and Rules Committee members present are to consult with the host pro and greens superintendent as to whether to cancel play.
    • If a tournament is to be a nine-hole event, it must be announced prior to the first tee time, otherwise it remains an 18-hole event unless a decision is made to cancel the event.
    • If a tournament is canceled before it starts, so be it.
    • If a tournament is canceled before all players are finished their round:
      1. A player is not entitled to any refund.
      2. It is up to the host club, if they wish, to refund any portion of a cart fee.
      3. A player will receive a participation point (regular Tuesday and Mixed tournaments; NEWGA; and NHWGA,Senior, Legend & Classic, and Junior championships).
      4. Regular Tuesday tournament competition credits will be distributed based on 18-hole score if at least 75% of the participants finished their round. If this is not the case, then competition credits will be given if at least 75% of the field has finished nine holes. If this is not the case, then no competition credits will be given.
      5. Mixed and Specialty tournaments: Gross and net awards will be determined on number of entries and a minimum of nine holes being played.
  4. Guests are not allowed to play except for Mixed tournaments.
  5. Pace of Play Policy: Members need to be aware of and abide by the POP policy in effect at each tournament and its consequences.
  6. Dress Code: Specific host club dress codes must be observed. Proper golf attire is required. No short shorts, denim of any kind, or tank tops will be allowed. Players not adhering to these requirements may be asked to change or leave the course.
  7. Online Registration:
    1. Payment is by credit card.
    2. All entries must be received by closing date or they will be considered a “late entry.” Late entries are not given priority for placement.
    3. Rejection: Credit cards are not charged for those not selected for the tournament.
    4. Tournament acceptance or rejection will be posted on the website eight days before the tournament.
    5. If unable to attend after registering, you must notify the tournament chairperson or NHWGA at 603-356-9051.
  8. Refund Policy: Refunds will be granted if cancellation is made nine or more days prior to the event. Cancellations after this time will not be eligible for a refund under any circumstances.

In addition to the specific criteria listed for the following tournaments, the information above (A-H) also applies:

  1. See the description for each championship for the criteria for filling the field.
  2. NO CARD means elimination from tournament.
  3. Online registration is not available for NEWGA, Tri-State, USGA State Team, and the Junior Championship. Applications for these events are available on the NHWGA website.
    1. All entries must be received by the closing date
    2. Cancellation/Rejection: Entry fee checks will not be returned – they will be voided and destroyed.
    3. Incomplete, incorrect, or late applications may be reason for rejection.
    4. Insufficient funds: $30.00 will be charged for a check that is returned for nonpayment for any reason. All member benefits will be suspended until restitution is made.
  1. All Specialties are 8:30 a.m. shotgun unless otherwise noted.
  2. Field is based on the following criteria:
    1. Minimum of 5% of field reserved for host club.
    2. Board members with proper application.
    3. Prior year Participation Points.
    4. If a Specialty event is oversubscribed up to 15% of the field will be determined by a lottery drawing among all the remaining entries. All entrants with the same number of participation points will be included in the field before the lottery takes place.
    5. Field is limited to 128 players unless otherwise noted.
    6. All entries are subject to approval.
  3. Registration:
    1. Entry fee includes cart, lunch and prizes unless otherwise noted. If unable to attend after registering, you must notify tournament chairperson.
    2. Short-notice cancellations may result in ineligibility to participate in the next Specialty tournament.
    3. Gross and net awards will be determined by the number of entries. Ties will be combined and split. Winners will receive pro shop credit.
  4. In Specialty tournaments where teams are computer generated, you must have a GHIN handicap index of 36.0 or less to apply, but participants will play to a maximum course handicap of 32.0. Eligibility is unchanged for all other Specialty events where you select your own partner.
  5. In case of inclement weather two 9 hole tournaments may be played – Front 9 and Back 9.
Mixed Foursomes
  1. Field based on following criteria:
    1. Participating women must be NHWGA members.
    2. Minimum of 5% of field reserved for host club.
    3. Past participation in Mixed Foursomes.
    4. Lottery among other entries.
    5. All entries are subject to approval.
  2. Gross and net awards will be determined by the number of entries. Ties will be combined and split. Winners will receive pro shop credit.
  3. Participation points are awarded to NHWGA members.
Regular Tuesday Tournaments
Division A Division B
up to 21.9 handicap index 22.0 and up handicap index
(play to 36.0 course handicap maximum)
  1. Tee Time Procedure and Policies
    1. Entry forms specific to division, location, and date, are located on the NHWGA website: Submit entry form or apply online for one to four players.
    2. Register online or mail entry forms no earlier than opening date. If received after closing date (Late Entry), entries will be assigned on a space-available basis.
    3. A player who fluctuates between A and B must play in the division in which their index places them as of the entry open date listed on the application.
    4. Entry fee for all the players ($20.00 /player) must be paid at the time of registration.
      Mailed entries: please make checks payable to: NHWGA. We required that individual checks be used so a check can be voided for an eligible cancellation.
      Online registration: a single credit card charge will be processed for all players listed. A refund transaction will be processed for an eligible cancellation.
    5. Indicate cart requirements for each player, keeping in mind that when carts are limited we will make every effort to accommodate requests by pairing single-cart riders.
    6. When submitting an entry form with two or three players, the group may need to split up in order to make full foursomes. Exception will be made for volunteers for a specific tee time. Full foursomes are needed for tournaments with a full field or waiting list.
    7. Evey attempt will be made to assign tee times as requested on the entry form. Tee time priority will be given to the event volunteers. If an event is oversubscribed, a lottery system will be used to create a wait list. Priority will be given to the event volunteers and to those members who were wait-listed in a previous tournament held in the current year. The remaining applicants will be put in a pool as single players, and name will be drawn. Names will be put on the wait list in the order they were drawn.
    8. For any member who does not get into a regular Tuesday tournament due to over subscription, every attempt will be made to not wait list her again on a regular Tuesday tournament in the season.
    9. Tee times will be posted on the website on the Monday eight days prior to the Tuesday tournament.
    10. If tee times are still available once posted on the website, a player may call 356-9051 and make a verbal application. When leaving a message, provide all information requested on the entry form. A $5.00 administration fee will be assessed and payable along with the entry fee prior to play that Tuesday. A “call in” player who cancels prior to play is not eligible for a refund and payment must be made prior to participation in any future NHWGA event.
    11. Players are expected to check in 15 minutes prior to their tee time. If you arrive late for your tee time you will be accommodated if possible.
  2. Cancellation Policy: Cancellation of tee times must be made by calling 356-9051 and leaving a message. Cancellations after 6:00 p.m. the day before the tournament must be made by:
    1. Calling the tee time number and leaving a message; and by
    2. Notifying the host club. Failure to follow both steps of the cancellation procedure will result in the player being cited as a “no show.”A member who does not show up for, or call to cancel, a scheduled tee time at a regular Tuesday tournament will not be allowed to play the following Tuesday. If this happens a second time, the member will be placed on inactive status for the remainder of the year. Individual appeals may be made to the Ethics Committee.Substitutions are not allowed. All changes must go through the tee time line.
  3. Refund Policy: Refunds will be granted if cancellation is made nine or more days prior to the event. Cancellations after this time will not be eligible for a refund under any circumstances.
  4. Cart Policy: Cart reservation on entry form constitutes a commitment to payment when extra carts are brought in by the host club. Cancellation for carts must be made before the closing date of the tournament. Anyone with a cart reservation who cancels after that deadline will owe the cart payment. NHWGA will pay the host club and bill the player. Players who owe an outstanding cart fee will not be allowed to play in any NHWGA events until the cart fee is paid.NHWGA / Tee Time Line: (603) 356-9051
  5. Tuesday Tournament Play:
    • Check website for updates prior to tournament.
    • Players must check in before play and receive their assigned course handicap.
    • Check all local rules before starting to play.
    • The scorer’s table must be notified in case of NO CARD.
    • Disqualification / no card scores must be adjusted and posted.
    • Holes must be played in stipulated order from the designated tees.
    • One participation point will be awarded for play, including a no card and added to a player’s competition credits at the conclusion of the season.
    • Number of competition credits awarded is determined by 25% of the field.
    • Format in selecting winners:
      1. 1st gross, then 1st net
      2. 2nd gross, then 2nd net
      3. 3rd gross, then 3rd net, etc.

Players are urged to stay for lunch at the club whose hospitality they are enjoying.